From design to completed mural. What to expect

So you think you're ready for your first mural?

Congratulations! Whether you are ready to begin the design process or even if you’re just curious as to what is involved. You’ve come to the right place. 

I will do my best to provide a range of answers to common questions the client might have. 

The answers I provide may not be a reflection of what other mural-painters provide. But, it is an expectation of what you will receive through Manabell. 

Have you got an idea of what you want? If the answer is YES, than awesome! If not, that’s ok. We can work from scratch too. 

Want to get the ball rolling? Fill in the form linked below to start the process of getting a complimentary draft and quote. 

Fill in this questionnaire to receive a complimentary quote

The First Stage

Interest has been expressed. That may be in person or through one of the multi-faceted options we have available. 

By now, you have either contacted the artist to arrange a digital or in-person quote, or you are expecting one.

Once you receive this quote it’s only a matter of approving it before one can move forward and begin designing a dream mural! At this point it is still obligation-free so you can cancel at any-time.

Let’s assume you’ve approved the quote and are ready to move on to the next stage. What next? 


Design and communication: Stage Two

If you haven’t already, please feel free to fill in the form above so Manabell can get an idea of the design you want. Or, if you prefer to talk in person, email or call me. I’m always happy to answer questions and take notes.

Otherwise, continue reading. 

Once we have had a good talk about what you would like, Manabell tends to hunker down and start drawing. Armed with a list of pointers from you, the client. 


These may include: 

  • Colour schemes
  • Preferred Flora and Fauna
  • Painting style
  • Any multitude of additional details and features
  • much much more

Stage Three: Fine-tuning the design

Now you’ve got a design -or several designs-.

It’s time for you to sort through what you like and dislike. Be brutal if you need to be, it’s important to have a finished design that you’re happy signing off on. 

At this point, I want to hear all your thoughts on what works and doesn’t with what you’ve envisioned in your head. 

From here the design can be can fine-tuned to be exactly what you want. Or, in worst-case scenario, scrapped and re-drawn for you.



Stage Four: Blink and you've got a mural

We’ve made it!

You have a design you love and you’re happy to give the OK. Your dream mural is one step away from becoming reality. 

Once you approve the final draft you’re put on a waiting list. Our average wait time is currently 2 months until you can expect the painting of your mural to begin. Sometimes less, sometimes more. 

In this wait time you have the freedom to cancel. Your quoted fee will apply from the moment the deposit invoice is sent. Usually a week before paint touches the wall.

I hope this has been informative to you. Perhaps you feel empowered to move forward with your dream-mural and book it in? 

Either way, it was fun having you along for the ride. Feel free to message me with your additional queries anytime. 🙂

Ngā mihi.

Brigita Botma