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Mike King

Manabell is honored to be partnered with Mike King in making the latest TR & Mack Children’s book series. 

Written by Mike King. Illustrated by Brigita Botma of Manabell 



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Founded by Brigita Botma

Creating since 2010

Originally, Manabell was nothing more then a creative outlet for the then 13 year-old artist. But then, over-time it developed into something much bigger. It grew as a design and creation business: Starting in a home schooled environment from Dargaville and moving to Auckland/Waikato NZ in 2014.

As a business we take pride in Quality and Community. 100% ethics and effort goes into every product and project with the goal of delivering full satisfaction to each individual client and business. 

With over 80 murals under her belt and all different kinds of creative commissions: Brigita  is equally both a seasoned artist and designer. She’s worked on miniatures as well as massive-scale artworks. Illustrated multiple children’s books across Australasia and volunteered countless hours in causes and town beautification projects.

So, whether you’re wanting a portrait of your dog, a home mural or a 30-foot dragon across your man cave, Brigita can help.
Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have an idea or want to ask any questions!


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Paint: Resene

Creative supplies: Gordon Harris NZ

Car Paint: Standox

Printing Services: Vistaprint

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