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Brigita from Manabell has worked on illustration for multiple children’s books. These include Feeling Safe. Feeling Happy. How I Read My Book and more.

She also designs many book covers for Fiction and Non Fiction, children and adult books. These include Motherhood Bliss and Stop Kissing Frogs. Among others.

The Manabell Illustration service includes most preferred drawing styles and mediums available. So, your illustrations are certainly what you wanted! 

Contact us for a no-obligation, free quote.

Illustration services


Manabell’s printing services are conducted by our preferred local print-makers off-site. Once a formal quote is presented, we can quickly complete small/medium printing requests.



Any changes (Not discussed prior or resulting from miscommunication of the client) will presently be charged at the hourly rate on top of written sum/quote.



We can deliver your designs to you in whatever format you request. Via dropbox or other.  None of which at extra costs. (With the exception of postage options).

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